The Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation Spotlights on Great Mexicans in America, Featuring the “Mexican-American History Makers.” At this educational live events The Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation will put the spot on the “Mexican-American History Makers,” individuals who achieved the highest degrees of success in their respective fields, and have influenced the future of not only Mexican-Americans, but of our entire nation. Their stories of success against many odds through relentless work, inspiration, and in some cases, activism, must be heard and will inspire generations to come. They will not only share their stories but also share the secrets which allow them to achieve such success, with the ultimate intention that many people will be inspired to achieve those heights and even higher. Stories may inspire the first Mexican-American female president. A 1-hour live Interview. At the same live event at least 2 Mexican-American Roles Models will share their “Pearls Of Wisdom” for Success and well a “How To” lectures. This highly successful role models share intimate stories and their “Secret Sauce” of how being Mexican-American, may have both interfered as well as ultimately help achieve great success in their respective field! Also will answer questions and offer mentorship. Each will be a 15-minute speech followed by Q&A.