2023 Theme: “Changing the Narrative, Recognizing Who We Really Are.”


In 2023, the Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation (MACEF), a 501 (c)3, will celebrate the second annual Mexican-American Film and Television Festival & Awards at the historic Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

The Mexican-American Film and Television Festival & Awards mission is to provide Mexican-American/Chicano filmmakers, who represent 40 million Americans of Mexican decent, a venue to showcase, promote and celebrate their beautiful art. A place for the Mexican-American/Chicano filmmaking community to network, honor each other, support and promote each other. A place for Hollywood to see our best filmmakers, as well as talented newcomers, and learn how we Mexican-Americans want our unique culture and people to be represented, as an important part of the American fabric instead of the old stereotypical images.


Feature your film in the 2023 Mexican-American Film and Television Festival & Awards.

The MACEF Film Festival submission application is for those individuals who want to showcase their work to other film lovers, filmmakers and important Hollywood Players. The MACEF Film Festival will feature two days of films made by Mexican-Americans, featuring Mexican-Americans and championed by Mexican-Americans. Along with opportunities to network with industry professionals and audiences, there will be opportunities to meet with people who have made a positive impact on the Mexican-American community. Recognizing the importance of storytelling, there will be a curated selection of historical works presented by highly celebrated Mexican-American/Chicano filmmakers and actors.

Submission Requirements:

  1. Applicants can be of any background, but the production team must include at least one producer, writer or director and one lead actor who identifies as Mexican-American or Chicanx of any generation or mixed ethnicity.
  2. Films must be the original work of the applicants.
  3. Qualifying films will be assessed by the quality of the story, and culturally positive, non-stereotypical stories will have priority.
  4. Films must be submitted by January 15th, 2023. A digital link to the film or TV pilot is required.
  5. Applicants are responsible for obtaining all necessary rights to third-party materials included in their films, including but not limited to trademarks, copyrights and music. MACEF is not liable for any violations of permissions.


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