It is hard to look in any direction in this beautiful country and not see the powerful and positive influence the Mexican-American culture and people have given to America. From the entire cowboy culture, the beautiful Mexican architecture and art plastered all over the South-West, the influential food, the Novelas, the Wrestling, and the Music, and endless other contributions. The hard-working Mexican-American people have helped build the South-West, fighting bravely for American freedom, and even receiving medals at a higher rate than most other Americans, yet sadly those contributions are often ignored. There is a negative and distorted narrative against the Mexicans in America. This is the time for all Mexicans in America (Chicano,Chicanx Latino, Hispanic, Latinx, or 1st generation immigrant), to unify and elevate to leadership roles, advocacy roles, and roles of social change. The 150-year history of unfair treatment and intentionally distorted narratives, recently accentuated by unscrupulous people, needs to be reversed. There has never been a better time in history to do this! With the help of the thousands of highly successful Mexican-Americans, as role models and mentors, The Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation is changing the narrative with pride, unity, and education.
Be Elevated! Be part of the change!